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Author: gelixsolution5443

Gabre Hughes

Joined In Sep 2020

About Me

I am an IT professional with a passion for Data Science and IT security. My experiential knowledge within the field of Computer Science, spans over thirteen (13) years, with expertise for the said number of years in Information Technology (IT) and a coexisting five (5) years in Data Science. During this time, I have acquired a heterogeneity of accomplishments in this discipline. I have undertaken and effectuated in IBM Data Science, IBM Applied AI, IBM AI Engineering, and IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Specialization. I also completed Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform, Business Analysis Data Science & Decision Making, Big Data from a local school, and Data Engineering on GCP from Google Cloud. I have applied these skills, working on several systems and networking projects as well as several Data Analytics and Machine learning projects in the span of my career.




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